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Death of American journalist in Qatar: Was detained for wearing Rainbow T-shirt in World Cup;


Dec 10, 2022

US journalist Grant Wahl, detained in Qatar for wearing a rainbow T-shirt while supporting the LGBTQ community, has died. Wahl’s brother confirmed this on Saturday.

They said Grant Wahl collapsed in the stadium while covering the match between Argentina and the Netherlands on Friday. After which, he was declared dead. Grant’s brother Eric blamed the Qatari government for his death.

Video posted on Instagram.

My name is Eric Wahl, Grant’s brother said in a video posted on Instagram. I’m Grant Wahl’s brother, and I’m gay. Eric has said in his video that Grant wore a rainbow T-shirt because he supported being gay. Due to this, he was taken into custody.

Qatar was accused of murder.

Eric has expressed apprehension about his brother being murdered. He said that my brother was completely healthy. He was getting death threats. I am sure he has been killed. He has sought people’s help in getting the entire matter investigated.

Had complained about ill health in the newsletter

Grant’s brother says that it is not yet known at what time he died. He was given CPR after collapsing in the stadium. The US Home Ministry and the White House also monitor Grant’s death. Although Grant had posted a newsletter a few days ago, he had given information about his health. He wrote that his body was breaking down, and he had not been able to sleep properly for three weeks. I think I have bronchitis.

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