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Afghanistan News: Ban on women increasing in Afghanistan:


Nov 10, 2022

In August 2021, the Taliban occupied Afghanistan. Since then, the restrictions on women in Afghanistan have been increasing continuously. Afghanistan News: Big news is coming from Afghanistan. In the country’s capital Kabul, the Taliban have banned women from entering public parks and fairs. This new rule has been implemented this week. Under this, women will not get entry into public places. Many restrictions have already been imposed on women here.

Earlier, the Taliban government had banned Afghan women from working outside their homes. Apart from this, discrimination between boys and girls is also being seen in schools here. The Afghan government has not allowed girls to get an education after the sixth grade. A woman said on this that there is neither school nor work for women here. We had only one place, here also the entry has been completely closed. She said that the women here are fed up with these atrocities.

Increasing restrictions on women The restrictions on women in Afghanistan are increasing continuously. The Taliban have already ordered all women to cover their faces in public. Not only this, the government has also not allowed women to participate in recreational activities and go to parks with men. Changes after Taliban capture.

The Taliban captured Afghanistan in August 2021

After this, the Taliban imposed many types of bans. More restrictions were imposed especially on women and girls. Here women are not even allowed to go to school. They are not even allowed to work. In every way, the restrictions on women are being increased. Not only this, they are not even allowed to protest against it.

Women will be able to travel with men in flight On 15 August 2021, the Taliban took control of Afghan power, since then the situation there has been very bad. According to the new decree of the Taliban, if a woman has to travel by flight in the country or outside the country, then it is necessary to have a man with her. Nearly nine months have passed since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. But the situation there is not taking the name of improvement. These people are facing the situation of poverty and hunger.

Meanwhile, new Taliban decrees are also being issued. On Sunday, the Taliban issued another new decree. The Taliban have banned women from traveling on flights without men. The Taliban say that a woman will need to be accompanied by some male relative to travel in or out of the country by flight. According to the news agency, the Taliban is breaking all its old promises one by one.

Recently, the Taliban took a big U-turn and banned the opening of high schools for girls in Afghanistan. With this decision, the troubles of the people of Afghanistan have increased further. Agencies working for human rights and governments of many countries have condemned this decision. After this decision, the US canceled the proposed meetings with the Taliban on economic issues. Let us tell you that on 15 August 2021, the Taliban captured the power of Afghan.

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