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America is planning a big attack on Russia’s nuclear weapons, made a dangerous plan, big claim:


Nov 10, 2022

Washington: It has been claimed by the Ministry of Defense of Russia that the US is strategically engaged in neutralizing its nuclear capabilities with the help of non-nuclear weapons. It has been told by the magazine Military Thought that the US plans to influence a large part of Russia’s nuclear capability. There is a lot of discussion on this article from the Russian media. It says how America is to acquire such strategically necessary non-nuclear weapons that can destroy the target in a short time. No bilateral or international sanctions apply to such weapons. So that Russia could not take revenge article has been issued by the Russian agency RIA Novosti.

This article reads, ‘The US is building such means after which Russia’s nuclear weapons can be ineffective.’ It has been told by the agency that NATO and the US have now decided to move forward on a predetermined action instead of resistance. According to the article, the US wants that it can take such strategically aggressive action that will ensure that as many nuclear weapons of Russia as possible can be destroyed. America is engaged in destroying weapons before the decision of taking revenge on behalf of Russian forces.

Russia had accused :

At the end of this article, it is written that whatever America is doing will have a negative effect on Russia’s security and readiness to deal with threats. In this article, with the help of President Vladimir Putin’s recent statements, it has been indicated that after the attack on Ukraine, Russia may also seek the help of nuclear weapons. In September, Putin accused Western countries of engaging in nuclear blackmailing against Russia.

Who has how many weapons Putin made this allegation when he ordered the deployment of more troops to Ukraine? In the same address, Putin said that Russia would use whatever means it had to protect its border. Putin called it a question of territorial integrity. Russia has 6,257 nuclear weapons while the US has only 5,550. In January, this information was given on behalf of the Arms Control Association. Whatever Putin said, the same thing was said by the experts. On October 27, however, Putin said that no point was made for the use of nuclear weapons politically or militarily.

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