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Foreign Minister of Ukraine will celebrate Diwali with Indian students in Kharkiv:


Dec 6, 2022

Kyiv: Ukraine, facing war with Russia, has given a big message to Indian students. This message of his will touches her heart. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has told us when Indian students can return to Ukraine. Before the war started in this country of Eastern Europe, the number of Indian students was quite large. Most of the students went to Ukraine for medical studies. In a message to an Indian news channel, Kuleba specifically gave a message to Indian students. He said that when Ukraine wins the war, these students will be able to return.

Welcome after victory

“You will come back when Ukraine wins,” Kuleba said in a special message to NDTV. You are an integral part of our society. We look forward to celebrating Diwali with you in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, where the festival has become an integral part of local tradition.’

Thousands of Indian students who had gone to Ukraine to pursue medical courses were brought back to India after the war broke out in February this year. An estimated 18,000 Indian students were studying medicine in Ukraine during the war.

Scary experiences of students

These Indian students had to endure many horrifying experiences before returning from the war zone. During the war, as soon as Russia started attacking with missiles, these students had to take refuge in bunkers to save their lives. A student from Karnataka even lost his life in this whole process.

The firing from the Russian side hit this student. The war between Russia and Ukraine is going to be 10 months now. No one knows when this war will stop, and the situation will return to normal.

Students protested:

After coming back from the war zone, now these students are seeing their future in darkness. They do not know what will happen to their studies which have been stopped due to the war. Many students even participated in the protest to seek help from the authorities. Kuleba talked about many other issues in his interview, including the issue of cheap purchases from Russia. Kuleba said that today India is a major player in international politics. The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, can also bring a change. In such a situation, Ukraine is now waiting for that modern foreign policy to give a name to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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