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Terrorism: America will support Pakistan against terrorism,


Dec 8, 2022

The US has indicated that it will assist Pakistan in combating terrorist violence. There is a sense of relief from this sign. The US State Department has put Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), a banned organization in Pakistan, on its list of terrorist organizations. Along with this, he has expressed his intention to take action against the terrorists who have a base in the areas adjacent to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Along with this, it has announced to ban of three leaders of an organization called Al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent (AQIS).

TTP had announced breaking its ongoing ceasefire with the Government of Pakistan three days back. At the same time, he ordered his commanders to intensify attacks across Pakistan. Earlier on November 30, he had also accepted responsibility for the attack on a police truck in Quetta city.

Four people died in that attack. This announcement of TTP has been considered a major blow to the Government of Pakistan. It has been feared that TTP has now posed a new challenge to the Shehbaz Sharif government, which is facing an economic crisis and political instability.

According to observers, America is angry with the Taliban government of Afghanistan. The escalating conflict between TTP and Pakistan has allowed it to intervene in the region. But his move has brought relief to the Government of Pakistan. The US announcement will enable the Sharif government to show domestically that its stand is being supported worldwide. It is understood that this will help him garner public support within his country.

Analysts are still trying to understand how much the latest US move will help Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar, a former Afghan security official, based in Paris, has said- ‘The language used in the US State Department’s statement has sent a strong message to the Taliban government based in Kabul. This statement indicates that the US may now relaunch airstrikes to target leaders of TTP, Al-Qaeda, and possibly ISIS (Khorasan).

Last Friday, there was an attack on the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul. ISIS (K) claimed responsibility for that attack. After that, in an article published in the newspaper Al-Ajaim this organization on Sunday, there was a threat of attacks inside Pakistan as well.

Asfyandar Mir, a senior analyst with the think tank United States Institute of Peace, told the website nikkaiasia.com- ‘The move indicates that the US’s concern about TTP and Al-Qaeda continues. Both these groups have got the support and patronage of the Taliban. Therefore, action against those organizations will be seen as a protest letter sent to the Taliban.

According to analysts, the Taliban captured Kabul in August last year, breaking the 2020 agreement with the US in Doha. Since then, America has been trying to teach him a lesson. TTP’s actions against Pakistan have allowed it to take the initiative in this direction.

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