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Used TVS Apache RTR 180: These Sports Bikes can be got for just 30 thousand:


Nov 12, 2022

If you are thinking of buying a Second Hand Sports Bike, then you can know here the details of these offers available on Used TVS Apache RTR 180 which can fit on a low budget. Entry Level Sports Bikes are very much liked in the two-wheeler sector and these bikes are most liked among the youth due to which they get attractive designs and high speed at low cost.

One of the current ranges of entry-level sports bikes is the TVS Apache RTR 180 which is well-liked for its style and speed apart from its price tag. The starting price of this bike is Rs 1.31 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). If you like this bike but you do not have the budget to buy it, then know here the complete details of these offers available on the second-hand model of this bike, in which you can get this bike at much less than half the price. . We have taken these offers on TVS Apache RTR 180 from different websites for buying, selling and listing second-hand vehicles, out of which we have brought you the best offers that you can get in a very low budget.

Today’s first offer on Second Hand TVS Apache RTR 180 has been given on the DROOM website. Here the 2014 model of this sports bike has been listed, whose price has been kept at Rs 30,000. On buying this bike, you will also get a finance plan Second offer on the Used TVS Apache RTR 180 has been uploaded on the BIKES4SALE website. Here the 2015 model of this car bike has been listed, the price of which has been kept at 40 thousand rupees. No offer or plan will be given by the seller with this bike.

Today’s third offer has been listed on the OLX website in these offers are available on the TVS Apache RTR 180 Second-Hand model. Here is the 2016 model with the Delhi number plate, which has been priced at Rs 50,000. No finance plan or offer will be available on buying the bike. After reading the details of these top 3 deals on second-hand TVS Apache RTR 180, you can buy any option according to your budget and choice. But before buying any second-hand bike, apart from its condition, engine, and tires, also check its papers thoroughly so that you do not have to suffer any loss after buying it.

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